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Banner by wintoure 


- It is ABSOLUTELY okay to friend me to follow art entries - all of which are public. You don't need to ask!
- Friends only entries generally have details about rl work or art and are kept locked for privacy.
- I usually friend back if I speak to you on a regular basis or have had some interaction with you otherwise.
aksdfjasd I love everyone ♥

It is unlikely I will be posting any new art until January 2012 ):

Good times:
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power outage, never again.

Oh goodness. 

After not having power/cell service/internet/cable etc. etc. since last Sunday I cannot tell you how nice it is to sit at my desk, turn my computer on (and leave it on), drink some coffee (that wasn't made with a kettle on a grill), pay my bills (on the internet), take a long hot shower (with the lights on), eat some eggs and toast (that I made on a stove top and in the toaster oven) and then make a phone call.

Internet, this is the best day of my life. 
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Not dead yet.

Reduced to bulleted posts. This is the saddest day.

- Turned 24. Thank you to viennajones  for the userhead and everyone else for the well wishes! <3
- Got really, really, really sick and was on ALL the drugs. Spent a lot of time high as a kite playing angry birds. In the process, also discovered I've had a severe iron deficiency for the last few years. I feel so ridiculously good and chipper all the time now that I'm on a supplement.
- Work has been really insane. I have a book sketch deadline on the 15th, have to start writing stories for a licensing project that was pitched and picked up at the Las Vegas Trade Show. I'm also working on making a portfolio for a friend's cupcake business as a fun side thing and ohhhh these are busy times. Annnnnnd I'm still supposed to be writing and illustrating new book material to pitch next year. FML.
- Started dating someone new. As my friend Brianna puts it, "He is probably the guy." I cautiously agree that could be the case. He is a mountain goat when it comes to hiking. 

I was coming home on the Metro North last night (saw an old roommate who had moved to Japan two years ago, her new fiance, some friends and then dinner with another friend and her mom) and in the dark beside the train, fireworks started going off. I guess we were going past one of the entrances to the LI sound. So motherfucking gorgeous.

Also, I am mostly on tumblr now. Come say hiiiiiiiiii.
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Found this really old photo of Ollie (deceased) and Misha sitting on our screen porch. One of those... married for too many years/too much close proximity moments.
Sick. Tired. Was supposed to go into the city today but I just cannot take the 3 hour commute into Brooklyn today. No, sir. Did a lot of gardening instead.

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Blew through True Blood to catch up for the season premiere and am working slowly through White Collar. So many suitsssssssssssss. This post has no purpose besides saying hello.
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Dreamwidth codes

I have  eight sevensix Dreamwidth invite codes. Please let me know if you take one!


I'm sure you're all already on DW, but IT'S ALWAYS WORTH WHILE TO CHECK.

Also - what's up, flist?
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apparently I post about food now?

Made shaved asparagus pizza with mushrooms for dinner.
Crust recipe here and toppings instructions here.

Definitely do not recommend putting on a pound of mozzarella unless your oven and pizza are like. 10x bigger than mine. Or cheese is your version of oxygen. I seriously think I only used 4 or 5 oz. This is also one of the only really good, reliable pizza crust recipes I've ever found. I usually use half whole wheat flour, make a huge bowl full and freeze what I don't need immediately.

I had a really weird dream the other day that I was Kono from H50? And Danny and I were chasing bad guys? And I had amazing sex with a perp? As Kono? I'm just sayin'. It was a good dream and I'm glad H50 is on tomorrow because I apparently need a fix real bad. Oh yeah, we went surfing too. 
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Made an apple tart for today's Jane Austen party. Putting on my dress so I can go pick daffodils - WHIMSY.

Today has been a lot of: editing images and text < drawing Danno and Steve making out on the beach. AT LEAST THE REST OF THIS WEEK HAS BEEN PRODUCTIVE.
Hope you've all recovered from yesterday's Doctor who and are having a nice Sunday ♥
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Hoping I have time to bake a birthday cake today

It's so humid, hot and wet here today that my paper is having trouble accepting pencil marks. 

Oh, weather. Work with me here. Deadlines are not a figment of my imagination. I haven't even started my book revisions that are due for my meeting next month augh sakdfjdsdjces not talking about it.


We're having marble cake but he was pretty intrigued by this one. Will this fit in our pic-inic basket Boo Boo fic_kitty ?